Too Close To Breathe – Olivia Kiernan #bookreview @annecater @LivKiernan ‏@QuercusBooks

TOO SOON TO SEE Polished. Professional. Perfect. Dead. Respected scientist Dr Eleanor Costello is found hanging in her immaculate home: the scene the very picture of a suicide. TOO LATE TO HIDE DCS Frankie Sheehan is handed the case, and almost immediately spots foul play. Sheehan, a trained profiler, is seeking a murderer with a... Continue Reading →


Monster in the Closet – Karen Rose #bookreview @KarenRoseBooks @headlinepg

"A mother is dead, and now her killer hunts the child that witnessed the brutal crime... Private Investigator Clay Maynard locates missing children for clients, but has nearly given up hope of finding his own daughter, cruelly stolen from him by his ex-wife twenty-three years ago. Equine therapist Taylor Dawson has chosen to intern at... Continue Reading →

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