My Review Policy

Here at Feminisia Libros Reviews I am happy to accept books for review and will consider requests that fall within my preferred genre.  Do not contact me unless you have read my review policy.  If you do not hear back from me within 5 working days then I’m afraid it’s a no from me.

Any reviews I provide are only my opinion and are always constructive.  I will not publish reviews of books that I have not enjoyed however I will explain why I did not enjoy the book to the best of my ability.  I feel it is unfair to post negative reviews when I would not be able to do any better, any criticism I give will be constructive.

Please note the following as contacting me assumes you have read and agree to these terms:

*I am always happy to accept requests from publishers and authors will consider them all to be read/reviewed, however I cannot guarantee a time-frame unless we discuss and agree a particular date for post, for example on a Blog Tour.   I do have a full time job and I read and run this site in my spare time, but I will do my best to accommodate all requests.

*I will consider all requests but I may not be able to accept them all.  Genres I read on a regular basis will be looked upon more favourably (you can find this genres below)

*If you would like to contact me about a review you can email me at: or click on the Contact Me Page

* I currently accept ebooks in mobi form (Kindle), paperbacks or hardback.

*I am on Netgalley, and you can follow me on  Goodreads , Facebook, and Twitter as I share my reviews on these social media platforms along with any book clubs I may be a part of.  I also review on Amazon.

*Authors and publishers are welcome to use quotes from my review of their book only with prior consent with my name and blog name appearing alongside it.

What I like to read:

Crime Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Domestic Noir, Mysteries, Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Crime Fiction.

Aileen McKenzie (Feminisia Libros Reviews)



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