Bad to the Bone – Tony J Forder @TonyJForder @bloodhoundbook #blogtour

“A skeletal body is unearthed in a wooded area of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. DI James Bliss, together with DC Penny Chandler, investigate the case and discover that the young, female victim had been relocated from its original burial site.  A witness is convinced that a young female was struck by a vehicle back in the summer of 1990, and that police attended the scene.  However, no record exists of either the accident or the reported victim.  As the case develops, two retired police officers are murdered.  The two are linked with others who were on duty at the time a road accident was reported.  

As Bliss and Chandler delve deeper into the investigation, they start to question whether senior officers may have been involved in the murder of the young women who was buried in the woods.As each link in the chain is put under duress, so is Bliss who clashes with superiors and the media.

When his team receives targeted warnings, Bliss will need to decide whether to drop the case or to pursue those responsible.  Will Bliss walk away in order to keep his career intact or will he fight no matter what the cost?  And is it possible the killer is much closer than they imagined?”

Holy moly!!!  This is not what I was expecting from this book!  Right from the start I was sucked into the story, and it completely threw me.  The combination of realistic police procedural combined with dark humour, intrigue and suspense literally had me up all night!

Bliss and Chandler ( which is also the name of one of my cats) are partners and I love the budding, blossoming friendship they have with each other.  They both have a back story and issues to deal with, but the relationship they share brightens up their lives and puts a positive shining slant on the book.  Bliss is rather unconventional at time, but I do love a maverick who likes to bend the rules sometimes.

The plot has been well planned out and carefully executed, I was wondering where it was going however all the threads are neatly woven together in the last third of the book to give a solid, satisfying ending.

The book moves at a steady paces which picks up towards the end, and with every twist along the way it sends you speeding to the end on a rollercoaster ride.

Bad to the Bone is a fantastic start to a new series with a great cast of characters.  I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next for Bliss and Chandler.  Overall rating from me four stars.  Thanks the Tony J Forder, Sarah Hardy and the rest of the team over at Bloodhound Books for the advanced reader copy and chance to be part of the Blog Tour.

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