**BLOG TOUR** Only The Dead – Malcolm Hollingdrake @MHollingdrake @bloodhoundbook #bloghounds

"Meet DCI Cyril Bennett, a man with a passion for manners and efficiency, as well as an eye for the ladies. His partner, DS David Owen, is naIve and untidy but keen. Together they make a formidable pair. When the discovery of two infants' bodies is made at a Teacher Training College, Bennett and Owen... Continue Reading →


Everything You Told Me – Lucy Dawson

"You went to bed at home, just like every other night. You woke up in the back of a taxi, over 250 miles away. You have no idea how you got there and no memory of the last ten hours. You have no phone, no money; just a suicide note in your coat pocket, in... Continue Reading →

Frailty – Betsy Reavley

"How far would you go to protect your family? Danny and Libby are about to face every parent’s worst nightmare. When eight-year-old Hope Bird disappears without a trace, from the quiet village she lives in, life for her family will never be the same again. Her parents know she would never have gone off alone... Continue Reading →

The Food of Love – Amanda Prowse

"A loving mother. A perfect family. A shock wave that could shatter everything. Freya Braithwaite knows she is lucky. Nineteen years of marriage to a man who still warms her soul and two beautiful teenage daughters to show for it: confident Charlotte and thoughtful Lexi. Her home is filled with love and laughter. But when... Continue Reading →

White is the Coldest Colour – John Nicholl

"Be careful who you trust... The Mailer family are oblivious to the terrible danger that enters their lives when seven-year-old Anthony is referred to the child guidance service by the family GP following the breakdown of his parents' marriage. Fifty-eight year old Dr David Galbraith, a sadistic predatory paedophile employed as a consultant child psychiatrist,... Continue Reading →

Every Dark Corner – Karen Rose

"When FBI Special Agent Griffin "Decker" Davenport wakes from his coma, he is desperate to find the missing children he knows are in danger. At the end of his last investigation, when he thought it was all over and justice had been served, he discovered that not everyone had been rescued, but he was shot... Continue Reading →

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