Tell Me No Lies – Lisa Hall

“Don’t. Trust. Anyone.  It was supposed to be a fresh start.  A chance to forget the past and embrace the future.  But can you ever really start again?  Or does the past follow you wherever you go…”

Moving house to the other side of London with a new baby on the way is a fresh start for Steph and Mark, after Mark’s recent heart breaking affair with another woman.  New home, new friends, new life.  Steph having recently found out she was pregnant with their second child is slightly apprehensive about the move, especially with five-year old son Henry just starting school, but meeting next door neighbour Laurence and across the street Lila soon puts Steph’s fears to bed.  They are so welcoming and supportive, exactly the type of people Steph needs around her.  She has had a tough time over the years, the black hole of postnatal depression that she fell into after the birth of Henry has left her on edge, now the hormones of her new pregnancy are flowing through her.  It is a dark place she does not want to go return to, and will do anything to stop that happening.

Unfortunately for Steph her problems are far from over.  There are strange goings on that lead Steph to believe a disturbing figure from her past is haunting her, but that is not possible, is it?  No one knows these details of Steph’s past life, except from a close few.  The strange incidents seem to be escalating, but with Steph’s history of mental health problems no one seems to believe her.  Can Steph identify the perpetrator before it is too late?  Or has Steph really lost her mind again?

This chilling story took my breath away.  I read this book in one sitting, once I started I could not put it down, breaking only when I had to.  After reading Lisa Hall’s explosive previous novel “Between You and Me” I knew this one would be equally as shocking.  This book did make me question everything I had read, and I had every character under suspicion at one point.  It was no surprise that my gut instinct was correct, but like the previous novel, I was not expecting the jaw dropping ending that makes Lisa Hall’s novels so distinctive and different from other psychological thrillers.  The characters are extremely well-developed, each one got under my skin feeling I could not trust anyone.  The story weaved flawlessly making this book so easy to read in the one sitting and by the end I had to drag my eyes away.  The last page left my jaw on the floor and I would really love to see a follow-up of this book, just for my own peace of mind!

Loved this, highly recommend, 4.5 stars.  Thanks to Lisa Hall, publisher Carina UK and NetGalley for the advanced reader copy in return for an honest review.


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