Bloody Scotland, Books and Babies!

Oh.  My.  God.  What a week!  I have had barely time to breathe let alone blog.  Now that we are in September my work (my real work, the one that pays the bills!) has exploded into a busy period and unfortunately I have had to prioritize (juggle) all week!  Team that with the arrival on Wednesday of my first nephew, Daniel, who came bossing into the world weighing a gob smacking 9lbs 13ozs, I have been rather preoccupied.  It’s been busy, but fantastic!

So Bloody Scotland was as excellent as I had anticipated.  I met some amazing people (authors and fellow bloggers) and attended some  great events.  For me, the “Talking to the Dead” event with Scottish forensic pathologists Dr James Grieve and Dr Marjorie Turner was the most gripping .  It gave an intriguing and compassionate insight into the intricate and poignant work these people do on a daily basis and I felt quite humbled hearing them talk of their real life experiences in the aftermath of a murder.

Mark Billingham and Peter Robinson were like a comedy duo and had me in stitches with their funny stories.  Mark  has a very sarcastic sense of humour and was only to happy to tell tales of his experiences with pretentious writers and readers alike.


I also ran into Peter Robinson, Stuart MacBride and Alan Jones (pictured below) in the bar, and managed to have drinks and chat with them all.
Most importantly I ran into the legend, The Queen of Crime herself, Val McDermid as I was leaving to get the train back to Glasgow.  By this time my phone battery had completely died and I couldn’t get a picture cry but we did get to chat.  She was wearing a “Murder, She Wrote” t-shirt, and I spent a good five minutes relaying all the reasons why feminist sleuth Jessica Fletcher is my all time hero!  lol
To say my head was sore the next day was a slight understatement, however it was one of the best days of my life and I’m planning for the full weekend next year!
I’ve only managed to read ONE book this week!!  Ragdoll by Daniel Cole, I really enjoyed it and gave it 4 stars.
It was Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday this week.  One of my all time childhood favourites.  I don’t need to list all of his books that I’ve read, as you have probably guessed I have read them all, but I would like to post a few favourite quotes.  Firstly from The Twits:
And from Matilda:
Lastly, here is the newest addition the McKenzie family, baby Daniel.  Awwww!!



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