A Killing Moon (DI Damen Brook #5) by Steven Dunne

This is the 5th instalment in the DI Damen Brook series and this could possibly be the best yet.  As a huge fan of the detective since coming across The Reaper, I was thrilled with the latest instalment in the series.

This story sees us following Caitlin, a young Derby University student, who disappears into thin air. We follow what happens to her, as she drunkenly leaves the pub and is kidnapped. We get to know her and genuinely fear for her safety as  Caitlin is just one of a long line of young women who have disappeared.  Luckily for Caitlin, DI Brook takes on the case.  He is determined to pursue all potential leads on the missing girl and he soon finds a connection with other young migrant women.  This sees us drawn into a shady world of Polish “Businessmen” and extreme pro life protesters.  Brook finds himself in a race against the clock to not only save Caitlin and stop any other girls being abducted, but to solve the mystery of the vanishing migrants and give their family closure.

I absolutely love Brook as a character – whilst he is in a way the quintessential “Detective With Issues” in his case it does not feel at all clichéd.  Brook embraces his flaws and is open about his previous mental health issues, each novel taking a step further away from them .  Steven Dunne has given his main protagonist an actual healing process, a journey that the reader can get behind and root for,  taking steps forward and steps back like the rest of us, something the reader can identify with.  Ultimately, there is a realism and gritty irony to that thread of the story that reflects life very well.

I highly recommend A Killing Moon to anyone either as a stand alone or as part of the series. You will not be disappointed with this mix of a clever, fresh plot with intriguing compelling characters.

5 stars.


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